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EKUG Consulting
This is a test listing for a fictitious EKUG company. Describe your organization in 250 characters or less. Let me know when you have seen it; I will hide it until you have your own content ready to show. We can do training on line. -RC
123 Optional Street
Optional Box Number
Kampala UG
In this space you can have one image and an extensive text that can be formatted as befits the organization. With a little training you can make it do whatever you want. I would suggest hooking up with someone who is skilled at formatting with "HTML/CSS" in a team in which you do the writing and the other does the posting, and split the revenue as you agree.

Click the email link; it will come to you.

Visit our website link will take the reader to Amazon book listing. It's easy to hook things together.

The phone space is just for show now; it could display and link to your mobile or office number.

Lots of possibilities. For a small company, an AABL page can serve as a simple one-page website with phone and email contact plus descriptive information; they can upgrade later.

Order Emilly Kembabazi's book on Ugandan cuisine!

All this is created and maintained with a couple of simple forms. Let's move some shillings your way. You probably also need another associate to just walk about soliciting listings. I don't know what the perception of value in UG might be. You will need to make and lead a market. Figure on an underlying support cost of $1 USD per month per listing, assuming you do the content development (text and graphics) and paste to the forms. You should ask at least 4X that amount to create "space" to pay for sales commission, including commissions on listings you sell yourself and wages for anyone you employ to do posting to site (directory), which you could do yourself while you get started. I have no idea how to estimate wages or salary expectations in UG. (Once you do a half-dozen there's nothing to it. It is easiest on a standard desktop computer, but also possible on small devices, just a bit of screen congestion to deal with.)

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