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My chickens have helped put my kids through school
By Bridget Kabahenda
Single mom in Nansana Zaina Nakiryowa raises chickens in her backyard to help provide for her family.

color photo of woman feeding chicks
Zaina tends chicks in Kampala farm.


News from regional outlets.
Regional Prototype under Study
This is a placeholder regarding a regional prototype edition for Uganda.
Uganda Equator worth a visit
By Emily Kembabazi
The equator that crosses through Uganda approximately 72... Continues...

Stone of Karegyeya Worth the Side Trip
In one of the Ugandan villages called Karegyeya in Kikoni parish, Ntungamo... Continues...

Merck CEO Lauds Alliance for J&J Covid-19 Vaccine Manufacturing
Executives of Johnson and Johnson and Merck Pharmaceuticals joined US President... Continues...

Understanding "Herd Immunity"
Oregon Public Broadcasting has produced an easily understood explanation of the... Continues...


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Regional Prototype under Study
This is a placeholder regarding a regional prototype edition for Uganda.

In depth

AABL to Support Luganda in 2024
Nga bakozesa obuyambi bw’olulimi okuva mu Google oba Macintosh, abakozesa basobola okufulumya n’okusoma emiko mu Luganda. Obusobozi buno buli mu nkulaakulana mu kiseera kino, era AABL egenderera okusobozesa mu bujjuvu ennimi endala eziwagirwa abatunzi ba
AABL to Launch Uganda Edition
By Emily Kembabazi
Uganda launch


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Home Page for Uganda Edition

21 Feb 2024 RC. This page is a prototype and placeholder that might serve as a regional edition of AABL for Uganda. Similar dedicated editions can be supported for other countries using our unique nested publishing system. Content summary will appear here. Content drawn from inside UG edition including articles, gallery previews, sponsor & directory previews. Little direct editing is required.