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African American Business Link is an attempt to build awareness of small, local business on an intercontinental basis. Everything one can see without registering is free. Members have additional access to information and services and can edit personal content and use other services at low cost. We ask only that your online presence be family-friendly, that you offer your products and services to all in unbiased fashion, and that you cultivate a reputation for open, honest dealing.

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AABL began as late-night conversation among friends in Issaquah, Washington, USA, in 1993 and soon became a newsletter and directory of local businesses in Greater Seattle. Our original focus was to attempt to be part of the solution to the "digital divide" that was keeping minority households and businesses out of the surging growth of the WWW. At that time few black households in our milieu had computers, let alone access to the Internet. More...


If you want to do business in the half-billion dollar (annual) African American economy, you've come to the right place!

African American Business Link offers a business directory, online catalog shopping, and a complete line of Web publishing and communication products that link businesses, consumers, manufacturers and vendors -- both African American and others. Learn how you can advertise, display and sell products, services and information to this diverse readership with a listing, home page or web site. We're located in Washington's Puget Sound region, but we want to help you do business all over the world, so we've created an affiliate program to let others share in the effort and the proceeds of developing the AABL.

With the advent of integrated communication systems like DSL, cable modems and wireless web, the power of the web is at your fingertips. As new access modes arise, we'll utilize them, too.

You don't have to be an Internet user to benefit from the AABL and the Worldwide Web. You don't even need to have a computer! Our services are specifically designed to facilitate access by Web users to AABL organizations via ordinary mail, telephone and fax as well as by email and automated forms.

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Acronym and Careful Typing Primer

By the way if you were looking for the American Association Basketball League, as of 24 Sep 2020 they're at www.aabl.NET. In appreciation of that clever play on words in their domain, we'd be happy to instruct them on how to get all those little special characters (�, [], etc.) out of their text.


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AABL uses SitemakerCMS℠ for content management and display. You can apply the same technology to your own small business or non-profit organization. Sitemaker is inexpensive, quick, robust, easy to use, comprehensive by design and requires NO WEBMASTER and NO TECHNICAL SKILLS to get started.
Just Point, Click, Publish! More...

Team AABL: How, Who

General Management

Michael E. Twiggs
Co-founder and President
Rees Clark
Co-founder and Managing Director
Gavin Clark
Co-founder and Technical Director

Writers and Editors

Emily Kembabazi
Staff Reporter - Uganda