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Victor Freeman ( 26-May-2017 )
Here's a cool idea for ladies with fashionable natural African hair and a yen to swim. Thanks to JGC for the pointer. LINK

Rees Clark ( 4-Jun-2016 )
Today we welcome our first African correspondent, Emily Kembabazi of Uganda. Emily will be writing articles on the culture and economy of Uganda. Emily is also the editor of "Nansanet," a community news magazine in Uganda's capital of Kampala. LINK

kenya williams ( 27-Dec-2014 )
Hello, I'm happy to be here.

Farmer Twiggs ( 21-Jul-2012 )
Purchase local fruits and vegetables for freshness and complete nutrition.

Rees AABL Clark ( 27-Mar-2009 )
I'm helping the editor check out some reported bugs.

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Garden of Eden Urban Farming
Developers of urban hydroponic growing sites promoting locally grown produce.
Love That Gift Basket, LLC.
Love That Gift Basket, LLC. Customized Gift Baskets and Floral Arrangements Made From the Heart Specializing in customized gift baskets and floral design arrangements for all occasions.
Indulge Your Sweet Tooth
Indulge Your Sweet Tooth will satisfy everyone's sweet cravings. My desserts are divine with a contemporary flair & created from our special recipes using the finest ingredients. Yes, they taste as good as they look...

New Members

SUNY HR Recruitement Manager (26 Jul)
Betty C McDaniel (6 Jun) Emily Kembabazi (4 Jun) Cynthia Ambrose (20 Mar) Barry Donadio (20 Mar)

And more...

Black History for the Apolitical
Excellent articles presenting historic information about the African diaspora without grinding any particular axes. Worth your time. Many of the vignettes are just plain great stories every American should read.
Higher Education Resources
LISTS of historically black universities and colleges, plus scholarship resource list.
It's Your Web
Tips for new users of the WWW.

AABL News Digest

African art evades Africans as popularity, recognition increase
Writing in the NY Times, Chika Okeke-Agulu emphasized the dilemma of African art, which is being more appreciated and valued than ever, bringing record prices, at the same time it is becoming ever less available to the peoples of the continent. The need for national and regional museums to bring... Continues...
Uganda Equator worth a visit
By Emily Kembabazi
The equator that crosses through Uganda approximately 72 kilometers south of Kampala, along the Kampala – Masaka road, which has become a famous visit destination for visitors and tourists visiting Uganda. It has also become a booming hub made up of several craft shops and art... Continues...
Christmas in Uganda
By Emily Kembabazi
In Uganda, Christmas is called Sekukkulu. It is celebrated on the 25th of every December to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

During the Christmas season there is high movement of people from the city to their respective villages to share Christmas holiday joys with... Continues...
Stone of Karegyeya Worth the Side Trip
By Emily Kembabazi
In one of the Ugandan villages called Karegyeya in Kikoni parish, Ntungamo district along the Ntungamo – Rukungiri highway, there is a very tall and giant stone that is commonly known as “eibaare rya Karegyeya meaning the stone of Karegyeya” which according to the local... Continues...
Mississippi Church Arson Investigation Continues
Normally we try to be as scrupulous as possible about borrowing reporting from other publishers, but in this case we feel there is no moral equivalence between any claim of plagiarism and an offense against all Americans. The apparently politically motivated burning of a community church in... Continues...

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