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White Supremacist Sentenced for Killing of Black Teen
In one of those times when justice prevails, it has been reported that a white... Continues...
Useful Review of Uganda Politics and Economy
This is not news but does cover in useful detail the situation in Uganda in... Continues...
Black Home Ownership Lag Worst in Years – Market Watch
Market Watch reports "The home ownership rate has plunged since the (2008... Continues...
WA Secretary of State Cautions RE Non-profit Fraud Scheme
WA Secretary of State Kim Wyman is cautioning Washington business owners to be... Continues...
Training and arming classroom teachers as school guards; costly, bad idea
Donald Trump, ever our protector, has proposed arming 20% of school teachers as... Continues...

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Black History for the Apolitical
Excellent articles about the African diaspora without grinding any particular axes.
Higher Education Resources
LISTS of historically black universities and colleges, plus scholarship resource list.
It's Your Web
Tips for new users of the WWW.

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NY Times article cites emphasis on African American voters in Russian efforts to...
Check out Garden of Eden Urban Farming's demonstration garden at Tacoma Urban...

Today we welcome our first African correspondent, Emily Kembabazi of Uganda....
Hello, I'm happy to be here.
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