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The US Census doesn't discriminate. Make yourself count!
You can submit your census form on paper or on line through Oct. 31.

Member Shout Outs

Rees Clark 08-Feb-2021
Be on the lookout!

freeman 10-Nov-2020
How a Biden presidency might affect your small business
Marshall Frank 18-Aug-2019
See earlier post on facial recognition. And now in Detroit, the same concerns.
Michael Twiggs 24-Nov-2017
Check out Garden of Eden Urban Farming's demonstration garden at Tacoma Urban League!

Kenyawilliams 27-Dec-2014
Hello, I'm happy to be here.

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Tusiime Framing
Your source for canvas, art materials, framing. Call 0775236619 or 0775233122.
Clandestine Legal Services
Mobile, prompt process services, legal document management.
Everett WA 98203
AABL - African American Business Link
Automated web magazines, blogs, forms, FAQs, sponsor directories, ... all with...
Puget Sound WA

And more...

Black History for the Apolitical
Excellent articles about the African diaspora without grinding any particular axes.
Higher Education Resources
LISTS of historically black universities and colleges, plus scholarship resource list.
It's Your Web
Tips for new users of the WWW.

Understanding "Herd Immunity"
Oregon Public Broadcasting has produced an easily understood explanation of the concept and how it could help return us all to a normal routine. Follow the link to view the video.

Digest Preview

Amanda Gorman Steals Inaugural Show
[VIDEO] Amanda Gorman became the youngest poet to recite at a US presidential... Continues...
Don't Let Anyone Stop an American Citizen from Voting
Every citizen has the right to vote. If you think you're being unjustly... Continues...

Proctor & Gamble Sponsors "The Look"
In an effort to foster empathy for a variety of individual experiences and... Continues...
Kenyan factory transforms into a surgical mask assembly line
Max Bearak - Washington Post - A week ago, Josephine Wambua spent her days... Continues...

How much do you know about digital currency? Take this "IQ" test.


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