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Jim Nsamba 23-Oct-2023
Uganda supports local artists.
Site Manager 01-Sep-2023
AABL's Affiliate system is now live. Your AA organization can sell directory listings and websites...
Rees Clark 08-Dec-2021
Reuters reports that Pfizer-BioNTech have announced that the existing Covid-19 vaccine provides...
reggie4aabl 28-Feb-2021
The FBI is still looking for people who invaded the US Capitol. Photos are at the link; tips are...
Victor Freeman 10-Nov-2020
How a Biden presidency might affect your small business


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Hermona Girmay is Miss Washington 2024
Hermona Girmay of Edmonds, who was named Miss Seattle in February, was crowned Miss Washington 2024 on July 6 at Capital High School Performing Arts Center in Olympia.

Girmay,... Continues...
Kidneys from Black donors more likely to be discarded − why?
As one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., kidney disease is a serious public health problem. The disease is particularly severe among Black Americans, who are three times... Continues...
Tillman youngest to earn US PhD
A Chicago teenager named Dorothy Jean Tillman II has just become the youngest person in the world to obtain a PHD doctorate—at the age of 17—in She took her first university... Continues...
What It’s Like to Have COVID-19
These observations by University of Washington Physicians are a good summary of how to respond to possible infection. What are the most common symptoms of COVID-19? Experts... Continues...
Merck CEO Lauds Alliance for J&J Covid-19 Vaccine Manufacturing
Executives of Johnson and Johnson and Merck Pharmaceuticals joined US President Joe Biden 10th March to announce their joint venture to produce 100 million additional doses of the... Continues...

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