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It's for the birds: Wild Birds Guide Humans to Honey
An African bird called the greater honeyguide is famous for leading people to honey, and a new study shows that the birds listen for certain human calls to figure out who wants to play follow-the-leader. (Read the story below.)

Especially interesting is the set of prospective, follow-up scientific questions raised by the observation of this symbiotic relationship; be sure to read through to the end of the article.

Image:; one of several varieties.


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Inventions Could Promote Energy Independence
I thought AABL readers might be interested in this video report from CNN: "The images of oil spoiling America's shores has folks thinking more seriously about alternative energy sources. One man has made it his life's mission to wean America off big oil. As part of our "The Next Big Thing" series meet Lonnie Johnson– a former NASA engineer with two potentially world-changing inventions."

If you haven't heard of Lonnie Johnson before, you haven't been paying attention. Read on!

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